The first aspect is to create a database of needs within the home of Veterans/Service Members and First Responders. These needs are focused on the improvement of environmental safety and security (i.e., Do all the doors and windows lock; are there any trip hazards; have the ADA needs been properly addressed; do all the lights, switches and outlets work; do the sinks and toilets work; etc…). This list will be made visible to community partners (contractors, subcontractors, skilled workers, laborers) that have been vetted for business integrity and reliability. These partners will then be able to pick projects within their skillset and based on the resources and time available. The recipients and their families will then be asked to commit to a 12-week (+/-) coaching and development program to teach them how to utilize their new distraction-free, conducive healing environment. Utilizing a coaching app that is currently in development and in-person check-ins, the families will have daily accountability from their assigned coach in order to help them achieve their goals, become more organized, heal, and move forward together.