The third branch of HōM will be a volunteer corps. Not every need within the home will require a skilled worker. Some needs may be simple enough that a group of volunteers will be able to assist the recipients. Volunteers will be comprised of patriotic citizens within the community, partnered with Veterans/Service Members, First Responders, and their families. The teams will be led by a Veteran/Service Member or First Responder who has benefitted from the programs of HōM and completed additional leadership training as directed by the representative from HōM at every volunteer project. The shared experience and unspoken bond between service members from all disciplines will help alleviate the discomfort or anxiety of having strangers in/near the recipient family’s home. This will also provide a high level of supervision and quality control to ensure we are having the greatest positive impact possible. The Volunteer Corps offers the opportunity for citizens within the community to show their appreciation to those who serve by volunteering within the home and alongside our service members. It is also the critical branch that is made available to all alumni of HōM to provide continued opportunities and aftercare to continually encourage ongoing growth. There are numerous charitable organizations that exist to serve this same scope of population. They typically offer services through multi-day therapeutic/spiritual retreats to address underlying mental health and spiritual issues. The problem lies within the fact that they pluck these men and women out of their current environments, offer incredible services, foster an experience that creates an unforgettable memory, and then return the participant to their home environment that has not changed. The services that HōM seeks to offer will create that missing element that will increase the efficacy of other charitable organizations, programs, therapeutic modalities, and experiences. We seek to always create a win-win through well-structured programs and strategic partnerships.